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Unscripted with Dr. Ella F. Washington - Unscripted with Aaron Conrad Podcast

Originally posted on My Unscripted Collective

Written by Aaron Conrad

Episode #206 of Unscripted with Aaron Conrad Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to.

Dr. Ella F. Washington is an organizational psychologist and DEI expert with a wealth of experience through her involvement as the Founder and CEO of Ellavate Solutions, a Professor of Practice at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, and the co-host of Gallup’s Center of Black Voices Cultural Competence Podcast. Within all of these roles, Dr. Washington continues to deepen her research pipeline and thought leadership as a Gallup Senior Scientist studying inclusive leadership, strengths and other DEI workplace topics. She has global consulting experience in the human capital space, which has allowed her to impact clients across a myriad of industries including financial services, sports & entertainment, oil & gas, higher education and government. Previously, Dr. Washington worked at Gallup and led the Diversity and Inclusion practice where she provided insight to clients on issues of culture, strategic DEI and engagement. A pivotal moment for her personally and professionally, she is eager anticipating the release of her first solo book published by Harvard Business Review Press, The Necessary Journey: Making Real Progress on Equity and Inclusion.

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